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Most of our summer memories are made in our pool—swimming, playing, jumping, running (even when you weren’t supposed to) fill our warmest days. None of this fun would be possible without a professional pool maintenance and repair service like Aquato Pools. At Aquato Pools, we want you to enjoy your pool without worrying about its maintenance.


Our professional pool care company provides our customers with easy, informative, and friendly repair and maintenance for their swimming pools. Our pool technicians exceed the highest standards of professionalism and technical skill, bringing a whole new level of customer service to the pool care industry. With Aquato Pools help, you can focus on making memories—we’ll take care of the rest!

Keeping your swimming pool amazing

Aquato Pools has built its reputation through our trained and experienced pool professionals. Every member of our team is focused on taking care of your pool, so you only must worry about using it. We’ll keep it sparkling clean, safely balance your chemicals, and keep an eye out for any small maintenance issues which could turn into major problems down the line.


Besides being highly-trained to exceed industry standards, our technicians pay attention to the small details. We show up on the same day each week, carry our waste away with us, and close all gates before leaving your backyard. Our goal is simple: the only thing we’ll change in your backyard is how great your pool looks!

What we're here for:

Pool Cleaning

Every family with a swimming pool in their backyard deserves to enjoy splashing around in a clean pool on a hot summer day. While the process can be daunting and tedious—leaving you unmotivated to keep your pool water clean—it’s an essential part of pool maintenance. After all, no one wants to swim in a pool infested with germs, bacteria, and potential illnesses. Your pool needs a dedicated professional committed to the health and safety of your loved ones. At Aquato Pools, we offer you pool cleaning services that help protect you and your family. Our pool professionals are highly skilled, trained, and licensed to handle the cleaning process and make being a pool owner enjoyable again.

Pool Repair

When you own a pool, it should be expected that one day you will need to complete repairs. In fact, even the most well-maintained pool will require repairs one day either due to faulty equipment, age, or general wear and tear. When that day comes, it’s important to have an expert team of swimming pool repair technicians you can turn to. That’s where Aquato Pools comes in.

Our swimming pool repair company can help you identify the cause of your swimming pool issue and provide you with a convenient, affordable, and worthwhile repair. Regardless of the problem you’re dealing with, give our team a call! We have the experience, tools, and know-how needed to deliver virtually any repair your swimming pool may need.

Pool Remodeling & Renovation

Every day, Aquato Pools provides homeowners high-quality and professional pool remodeling and pool renovation services. We work to help families coast to coast breathe new life into their swimming pool and backyard space.

At Aquato Pools, we believe that all homeowners deserve the perfect oasis in their backyard. From adding playful water features, beautiful rock décor, or completing a full resurfacing, our pool professionals are trained and certified to deliver just about any pool remodeling or renovation service you could need to bring your vision to life.

And if you don’t have any idea where to start, no worries – our pool experts will be there with you every step of the way, answering any questions you may have in terms of design and installation.

Swimming Pool Inspection

At Aquato Pools, we know having a pool means having fun all season long. We also know that buying a home with a pool can mean not being sure if the pool has been taken care of by previous owners. While a great idea, buying a home that already has a pool could have risks. Previous neglect could mean that you’re inheriting pool problems created by the mistakes of a past owner. Broken pumps, unbalanced chemical levels, and other issues can be costly and time-consuming to solve. However, with a pool inspection from Aquato Pools, you’ll be able to know about any potential issues with your new home’s pool before you sign any papers!

Commercial Pools

Since 2021, Aquato Pools has provided the industry’s most trusted pool care and maintenance.

Business owners and property managers have relied on us to take care of their:

Apartment complex pools

Hotel pools and hot tubs

Professional spas



And more

Because all our technicians are certified pool operators (CPO®) with the National Swimming Pool Foundation, our team is qualified to handle complex pool repairs and equipment replacement, as well as ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

Commercial pools and spas often have vastly different needs than a residential pool. Heavier usage and larger surface areas mean commercial clients will need maintenance far more often. As we like to say, “Clean Water Matters,” and that goes double for your guests and customers. That’s why Aquato Pools offers flexible cleaning and maintenance plans for every client!

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